chapter, 2014

In this work I was interested in creating opportunities for an embodied engagement with highly contextual objects and spaces. This resulted in a series of site-specific ephemeral works in a room of the School of Art which cycles between workshop, assessment space and public gallery each year. Tape on the gallery wall marked out the idiosyncratic workspaces of students who had occupied the room just days before. The works shown in the newly configured spaces were the material link between the room’s past as a workshop and present as gallery space. The installation, linked to the past through the device of embedded QR codes in the installation and accompanying catalogue, encoded both their genesis and the room’s history.

Photos above Dierdre Pearce

Works in this series include:

like dorian grey, maybe, 2013. Installation: catalog page, masking tape, print, photographs, qr code, website.

encoded spaces, 2013. Installation: masking tape, tripods, wood, paint, photographs, qr codes, webpages.

conservation of momentum (space), 2013, or, tracking the movement of everything on my desk one week in August. 2013. Blue masking tape on tracing paper.

conservation of momentum (time), 2013. Washi tape on wenzou paper.

conservation of energy, 2013. Installation: new and recovered masking tape, wood, photographs, qr code, website.