In this work I was interested in creating opportunities for an embodied engagement with highly contextual objects and spaces. This resulted in a series of site-specific ephemeral works in a room of the School of Art which cycles between workshop, assessment space and public gallery each year. These installations, linked to their past iterations through the device of embedded qr codes, encoded both their genesis and the room’s history.

Works in this series include:

DIERDRE PEARCE, like dorian grey, maybe, 2013. Installation: catalog page, masking tape, print, photographs, qr code, website. Website Drawing Frames 1 accessible through a page in the menu of

DIERDRE PEARCE, conservation of momentum (space), (or: tracking the movement of everything on my desk one week in August). 2013. Masking tape on tracing paper.

DIERDRE PEARCE, conservation of momentum (time), 2013. Washi tape on wenzou paper.

DIERDRE PEARCE,  conservation of energy, 2013. Installation: new and recovered masking tape, wood, photographs, qr code, website. Webpage Drawing Frames 2 accessible through a page in the menu of

DIERDRE PEARCE, encoded spaces, 2013. Installation: masking tape, tripods, wood, paint, photographs, qr codes, webpages. Webpages associated with each of the qr codes accessible through pages in the menu of

Photographs Dierdre Pearce unless otherwise indicated. © Dierdre Pearce all rights reserved.