I am here, I am here, I am here, 2018-2021

Project culminating in an installation at ANU School of Art & Design Gallery, 2021.

An installation of DIY location dots which recorded time spent off-line, and the wordless thoughts, sensations and feelings of remembered spaces which are not captured in digital records of my travels. The first piece was produced during a month-long residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Finland; this became the template for making other location dots as travel became more difficult due to fire, hail storms and the COVID-19 pandemic from 2019 to 2021. The spiralling line mimicked the spiralling maze-like patterns marked out on ancient church floors as alternatives for people who could not travel to complete pilgrimages. It produced a thick carpet of memories and bodily experiences, which could be also rolled up and transported.

Making these dots also became a way of deliberately detaching from the human-digital systems which have been described by Katherine Hayles and other theorists as ‘the cognisphere‘. Through making I reflected on how lived experience and the digital record become intertwined in the cognisphere, and how non-participants such as a virus or a fire season shape such systems. I imagined this relationship as a form of a drawing’s positive and negative space, both active and inter-related, as an alternative to other visualisations involving mapping, categorisation and territorial claims.

Photo Brenton McGeachie
Photo Dierdre Pearce
Photo Dierdre Pearce

© Dierdre Pearce