rendering memory, 2014

An exploration of ways in which art-making is a tangible expression of processes such as cognition, neuro-synthesis and memory. The installation used exhibition conventions and web-based components to infer cumulative relationships between phenomena separated in time and place. the title refers to the post-production editing of recorded video fragments to produce a ‘final’ version.

Works in this series include:

sampler, 2014. Installation: fragments from pages of visual diaries (2013-2014), brass pins, board, qr code, website.

remnants 2014. Found clothing, carved bone, lead weights, fishing line, textiles, natural dyes, wood, rusted fixings, salt water, starch.

memento, 2014. Found clothing, beach sand, textiles, natural dyes, wood, rusted fixings, thread, starch.

penitent, 2014. Found clothing, thread, rusted fishhooks, wood, rusted fixings, salt water.

Photographs David Paterson unless otherwise indicated.