seven nights & seven days

seven nights & seven days was an installation at the Front Gallery in Lyneham in May/June 2013. From the first day, the work gradually colonized the space before retreating over the final couple of days. Changing every day, the work was a focus for thinking and talking about change, the meanings we assign to changes we detect, and ways that we document change. Working with materials including fire hoses, furniture blankets, packing boxes, ladders, masking tape and rope, I spent a few hours in the space every day, changing the installation and recording these changes on film. I also marked the final footprint of each day’s efforts using tape, so that the floor documented the changing installation. By the end of the week this documentation became a significant player in the nature of the installation itself. Dierdre Pearce, 2013.

seven nights & seven days, 2013.

The work was made possible by the support of a number of people who provided materials and access to the space, including Steven Holland, Tony De Salas, Marion Stanton (Bruce Hall), Jon Ely, Amelia Zaraftis and Paul Jamieson (the Front Gallery and Cafe).

All photographs Dierdre Pearce.

© Dierdre Pearce