timestamps, 2018

An installation responding to reflecting on how technologies influence the experience of time. The installation proposes alternative clocks, including the bread clock, based on the ancient technology of fermentation, containing cycles from seed to to plant to seed to bread, and through the rise and fall of the dough as it proves. Produced as the result of a device-free residency at Arteles Creative Centre; surrounded by farmland including grain fields to the west of Tampere, Finland.

Photographs Dierdre Pearce

installation view of bread clock 2018, including chair with light, pillow and bowl of bread dough, computer screen with animation, clock and photocopies of images of dough rising in a bowl.
Timestamps, installation view of bread clock, 2018. Sample images from stopped frame animation on desk below.
close up of a field of grain.

© Dierdre Pearce