more Zoom drawing

By our second semester of online drawing classes we’re starting to take advantage of the opportunities the environment presents, rather than focusing on overcoming its shortcomings. One of these is our use of moving images to explore how to capture the human body in motion. This week we linked our studio practice to the early history of the moving image, including turn of the century records of Loie Fuller’s Serpentine Dance, such as these hand coloured images. We experimented with abstraction, with colour, with media and with mark-making, to produce some captivating drawings. Throughout the year I’ve worked with a great team of other drawing teachers and with our students who have worked with us to make our classes stronger and more engaging because of (as much as in spite of) the new medium.

Photos are screen shots from Loie Fuller’s Serpentine Dance, c 1905, director Segundo de Chomon.

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